Brand - Hario

capacity - 180 ml


Hario Asian Teapot Round 180ml - Fully Expanded Loose Leave Tea


Known as the King of Glass and one of the most respected glassware brands in Japan Hario has a superb range of Asian teapots.


This small teapot is ideal for one person to make any type of loose leaf tea, herbal infusion or fruit tea. It has a removable strainer in the spout to keep the leaves in the pot as you pour yourself a wonderful cuppa. Great for any type of tea but recommended to serve in smaller cups only, due to tiny 180ml Asian teapot capacity. 





Asian Teapot Small (200ml)


    100 ლარიდან ზევით, ნებისმიერ შენაძენზე შეგიძლიათ ისარგებლოთ თიბისი ბანკის უპროცენტო განვადებით 

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