Do you love coffee? We love it very much...

We would like to share our enthusiasm and love with you!

Have you ever noticed that the coffee you drink every day, has a distinctive bitter taste? This intense bitterness is a characteristic of a mainstream, commercial coffee, which is caused by over-roasting and burning the coffee beans. In fact, correctly roasted coffee beans can have a lot of different and interesting aromas.


Coffee is a fruit! It grows on a tree, coffee beans are actually the seeds of the red, juicy, cherry-like fruit. It means that coffee has the potential to take on a diverse range of fruit flavors. Depending on the variety, the roasting and the brewing methods, coffee can be brewed to taste like white grape, citrus fruit, plum, strawberry and etc.


For the sake of exploring coffee’s fruity potential, we import the most interesting green beans of specialty coffee with  best quality, roast it very carefully and lightly to bring out the fruit flavors. We seek and search for the ideal taste. Our goal is to reach unique brew that changes the way you think coffee should taste. We want to share this art with you: our loyal guests, partner restaurants, hotels, cafes or offices.


In addition to coffee making, our company exclusively represents more than 20 leading global brands in the coffee industry in Georgia and we are on our way to becoming the most competent, innovative, progressive and dynamic coffee company in  the local market.  


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